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  • The E-design packages are an online service only. Sally Josephine Designs accepts no liability of any trades  or the construction of the provided design concept.

  • It is expected that all trades, including builders and cabinet makers take accurate measurements before any work takes place. SJD floor plans and elevations are a guide only.

  • The client is responsible for taking accurate measurements of the space for the E-Design service. Floor plans drawn by SJD are based on the measurements that the client provides and SJD will not be held responsible for incorrect measurements taken by the client.

  • The hard finish selections for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries include floor and wall tiles, cabinetry material, draw pulls, bench top finishes, tap ware, basin, accessories and paint colours.

  • SJD packages includes:

    • 1x scaled floor plan and 1 x elevation (Bathrooms, Kitchen, Laundry Package)

    • 1x scaled floor plan (Furniture, Lighting, Accessories Package)

  • Any additional drawings requested by the client will be charged at $115.00 per hour and must be paid prior to commencement.

  • E- Design packages for kitchens and laundries does not include appliances.

  • The client agrees to communicate via email, phone or Zoom only.

  • The E-Design Packages include 1 x Revision only. Any further revisions to the final package will be invoiced at $115.00 per hour and must be paid prior to commencement.

  • Full payment upfront is required for the E-Design service.

  • After the package is complete, the client will receive a shopping list for the selected items and if selecting a kitchen, bathroom or laundry package, a schedule of fixtures, fittings and finishes will be provided to hand over to the client's trades.

  • SJD will always try and specify items that are in stock or with quick lead times.

  • SJD is not responsible for any items that are delivered damaged or faulty that the client purchases off the shopping list. It is the clients responsibility to contact the company to resolve the issue.

  Ownership of Designs

  • SJD own the copyright to the design boards and can use these images for social media and on the SJD website.

  • All concepts, drawings, sketches or specifications (project documents) prepared by SJD,  will remain the intellectual property of the Designer and the Designer will retain all copyright and other proprietary rights applicable to such documents.

  • Project documents must not be used by the Client for any other purpose other than the completion of the project undertaken with the Designer.

   Purchase of Furniture and Accessories

  • Any items purchased through SJD (from suppliers), must be inspected within 24hrs from delivery.

  • Purchasing services may be provided to the Client for the purchase of furniture, fixtures, soft furnishings, accessories or building materials.

  • Products purchased through SJD will be specified in an invoice that will be emailed to the Client for payment.

  • The invoice will specify the item, the price of the item and freight costs (if known).

  • If freight is not known at the time of sending the invoice the Client agrees to reimburse SJD for applicable freight, even if this was not included in the original approved invoice.

  • No products will be purchased  by SJD until written acceptance on the invoice has been received and required payments have been made.

  • If no payment is required at the time of order a quote will be provided by SJD. No product will be put into production or be ordered until written approval of the quote has been received by the client.

  • Where practical, SJD will forward invoices directly from supplier for payment.

  • The Client is wholly responsible for all items purchased by the client.

  • Supplier pricing is subject to change and out of the control of SJD.

  Receipt of Furniture and Accessories

  • Upon receipt of products the Client shall inspect the product and advise the freight company of any damage or non-conformity at the time.

  • The Client should not accept any products that have damaged packaging unless the product has been opened and inspected at the time of delivery.

  • If the delivery is undamaged and unopened the Client will have 24 hours only to open and inspect the product.

  • If the product is damaged the Client will immediately call SJD and email a picture of the damaged product.

  • SJD agrees to order a replacement for the damaged product or arrange to have the product fixed at no additional cost to the Client.

  • The Client will not be required to pay additional freight charges in the above instances.

  • SJD will only be responsible for the replacement of damaged products that have been purchased by the Designer on behalf of the Client. 


   Refunds and Cancellations

  • Once purchased, most items cannot be returned or cancelled, so requests to do so will be on a per-item basis with no guarantee of return or cancellation.

  • Custom items cannot be cancelled or returned.

  • Requests for returns or cancellations will be billed hourly at a rate of $115.00/hour.

  • Design Fees and reimbursable expenses are non-refundable, even when associated with a return or cancellation.


  • Inclusions of physical samples posted to you may include:

    • Tiles

    • Cabinetry finishes

    • Bench top finishes

    • Tap ware finish samples

    • Paint chip samples

    • Fabric samples