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Designing sustainable and healthy interiors 

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A New Way of Living

I put the people and the environment at the heart of all my designs.

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Lets get started!!





"Sally was extremely helpful in helping me chose materials and fixtures for my bathroom and laundry. She really listened to my needs and what I wanted. I was just so delighted with the the finishes she had selected for the spaces. She helped communicate with my builder of what my vision was and I couldn't be happier."


"I can not thank Sally enough for her help. We had moved into our new house and I was feeling very underwhelmed with how things were progressing. Our living and dining area were just not looking how I had pictured it in my head. Sally was so good at knowing exactly what my vision was, even though I could not articulate it very well. The finished product was amazing, and I am just so happy with the result. The furniture and decorative items she chose came together beautifully. "


Tel: 0431 923 688

Hazelbrook, NSW 2779

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