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Sally Josephine Designs is a sustainable interior decorating and styling studio in the Blue Mountains NSW. The founder and principal of SJD is myself, Sally Tydeman. I am a qualified interior decorator and stylist, graduating from Sydney Design School.


It is my mission to get my clients through the design process while taking action to make considerate choices for you, your home and the environment. Making sustainable choices when decorating your home does not mean forgoing function and style. It is quite the opposite actually, where you can end up with some unique and amazing results.


I believe that quality over quantity plays a significant role in keeping my clients and the environment happy. I will always take careful consideration when designing a brief for my clients. Taking a thoughtful and holistic approach, I will walk around your home or the space you need help with and together we can discuss what you would like to keep, what I think we could reuse or re-purpose and what you would like to discard. By doing this, unnecessary purchases are not made and what is purchased, is quality, sustainable items that will stand the test of time.


I find it a great privilege that clients have invited me into their home and have entrusted me to help them. I just love what I do and and it brings me great joy to bring my clients vision to life.

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"Sally was extremely helpful in helping me chose materials and fixtures for my bathroom and laundry. She really listened to my needs and what I wanted. I was just so delighted with the the finishes she had selected for the spaces. She helped communicate with my builder of what my vision was and I couldnt be happier."




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Hazelbrook, NSW 2779