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Hi there, I'm Sally from Sally Josephine Designs. More than ever, people are needing something extra from their home. They are needing to feel a sense of calm; they are needing to feel rested and restored; they are needing to feel physically and mentally well, and they are needing to feel a sense of safety and protection when they are home. My role as a sustainable and holistic decorator is to try and provide all those things to my clients. Not only do I concentrate on the physical aspects of design, like fixtures, furniture, objects and the aesthetics of a home, but also the importance of a client's well being within their space. My goal for my clients is to support them as an individual and to encourage them to delve deeper than they thought they needed too. I will concentrate on many elements when designing your special space, making thoughtful decisions around touch, smell and sight. I will only provide products and services that meet my core values. This will give you the best  experience and outcome for your project. Your home can have a profound effect on your emotional and mental health. Holistic design considers and creates for the whole person (mind, body, spirit), rather than a spaces form and function alone.

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Qualified Interior Decorator and Stylist

(Sydney Design School)

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So many of us dedicate a large portion of our time trying to improve ourselves. A big chunk of that is our health, both mental and physical. Whether that be through exercise, healthy eating, or looking into alternative therapies. Those efforts will not always reach their full potential if that same amount of effort is not put into your home as well. It is just so important to make mindful and considerate choices when it comes to your home. Sally Josephine Designs will produce a space that ticks all the boxes for practicability, function and aesthetics, but to also make sure the home and the people residing in it, coincide harmoniously together. The ethos of my design studio is to focus on sustainability, environmentally friendly products, repurposing where possible, and concentrating on issues that you cannot always see in your home, and within yourself.
Our environments affect us far beyond what we can see or even feel, and it is entirely possible  to use this knowledge, holistically, for our wellbeing. It is possible to have a home that looks asthethically pleasing and functions well, as well as a home that supports your health and enables you to flourish. Your home should make you  feel stimulated and rejuvenated.

My intention is to positively create wellness and harmony by transforming your home into a personalised place for you to thrive and live in. I view interior design as an investment into your wellness.