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Let's acknowledge that not everyone may be inclined or have the financial capacity to enlist the services of a decorator or designer for the entirety of their project. Through my Design Advice Time Blocks, you have the opportunity to tap into my expertise for guidance on virtually any design-related matter. Are you feeling utterly swamped by the multitude of design options and in need of a knowledgeable guide to help you navigate? During our consultation, you'll receive real-time advice, suggestions, and creative insights, all of which will be summarized in a follow-up report. I'll also provide you with valuable resources, supplier and showroom recommendations, and design concepts. Specific questions about your renovation will be addressed, though the ultimate project management responsibilities will remain with you.

The Design Advice Time Block service functions as a one-time consultation. However, should you decide that you'd like to further involve me in your project, we can certainly explore the possibility of creating a fee proposal tailored to your needs. We will commence the process by scheduling a discovery call, allowing me to gain insight into your specific requirements. This will enable me to determine which samples would be beneficial to bring on the scheduled day.


4 Hour Package (Minimum)


6 Hour Package (over 2 days)



  • Flooring Samples

  • Tiles

  • Tapware colours and finishes

  • Paint swatches

  • Fabric swatches

  • Rug samples

  • Stone benchtop samples

  • Cabinetry finishes from laminex and polytec Including door profiles.

  • Wall claddding profiles


  • Advice on you new build / renovation.

  • Floorplans

  • Furniture layout

  • Advice on finishes for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

  • Storage solutions

  • Artifical and natural light advice.

  • Colour palette

  • Budget feasability

  • Overall design asthetic

  • Guidence on sustainable and eco-friendly choices.

  • Furniture & styling advive
  • Suggested suppliers / showrooms.




  • 20 - 30 minutes

  • Discussion / general overview of your project.

  • Timeline

  • Budget

  • I will run you through my design process and how I work.

  • You can ask any additional questions.

  • If we feel we are a good fit for each other, we can book in a time for your Design Advice session.

  • You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out prior to the consultation.

  • The fee for the Design Advice service will need to be paid at least 48hrs before the booked date.



  • You will be emailed a PDF report with everything that we discussed in your design session.

  • I will organise postage of any additonal samples.

  • If you require any further assistance, I can work with you at my regular hourly rate to source and select anything you’re struggling with.

  • If you require any further assistance on a larger scale, I can create a fee proposal tailored to your needs.



  • On site at your home.

  • Either your chosen 4 hour or 6hour design session will commence.

  • We will determine the most important topics that you need to address first.

  • I will be note taking as we go, so that I can go away and write a detailed report of what we have discussed.

  • We can go through my catalogue of samples that I have provided for your design session.

  • Other finishes that we may discuss that are not available, I will order and get posted directly to you.



  • Discovery Call

  • 3 or 6 hour design session

  • Design advice & support

  • Answering all your questions

  • Suggestions on suppliers and showrooms.

  • Advice on more sustainable & eco-friendly choices.

  • Samples
  • Additional samples posted to you.
  • Follow up email with detail report of what we have discussed.
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