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Sally Josephine Designs full holistic design service, includes everything that is in my complete interior decorating service, as well as elements that concentrate on your physical and mental wellbeing and the energy within your home. Through our journey together, it is my intention to guide you to become more empowered, to unite with your true self and to assist you in creating your own sacred sanctuary.

if our home environment is out of balance, our health & wellbeing can be seriously impacted.

All Sally Josephine Designs services start with a complimentary discovery call and then a virtual meet and greet. If we both feel like we can work well together at the end of this stage, and you are excited to move on to the next stage, an initial visit will be arranged so that I can scope and price your design project. A second visit will be booked to present the design proposal, and if you are feeling the excited butterflies in your belly and can not wait to get started, signing on the dotted line will let your project commence. See below for my whole design process, which is completely customizable based on your individual situation.

Start your design journey with me by booking in a discovery call.


Initial visit and Interior design fee proposal and scope of work investment cost      




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There is so much more to a beautiful, calm, harmonious home than spending up on designer trending styles and furniture. When it comes to traditional interior design, the tendency is to focus on the concrete aspects within the home, the building, furniture, furnishing and objects rather than the more intangible things like light, air, colour, sound, and aroma. We recognise that our homes not only provide a safe haven from the stresses of the world they also have a profound effect on our emotional and mental health. Our home reflects our moods and if it is well designed it can also give us a healthy and peaceful sanctuary where we can relax and flourish. Thousands of people spend hours dieting, exercising and having various health-giving treatments; but few take time to consider that their efforts will be in vain if they live and work in an unhealthy environment. The aim of the Holistic Interior Stylist is to harmonise people with their settings by manipulating and improving the subtle atmosphere in a space without having to always buy new and expensive furniture. The focus is on sustainability, environmentally friendly products and repurposing where possible. My intention is to positively impact wellness and harmony by transforming places into authentic, liveable spaces. Simply put, I can make your home look, feel and smell stunning in a cost-effective way.


Take a journey towards cultivating a beautiful physical and energetic space as you explore your inner realm and start creating your very own

Interior Temple.

Why Holistic Interior Design?


HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN takes into consideration the full story: the environment, the inhabitants and the conscious, holistic lifestyle & inter-relationships experienced and lived within the space.

Whilst innately complex, The Interior Temple approach to interior design is simple and holistic with sustainability at it's core-abundant, rich & self regenerative by nature. It is an energy based practise that's primary goal is to support the health of the body, mind and spirit.

Our external spaces are a direct representation of our own internal landscapes. Many of us invest in holistic services such as psychology, yoga, kinesiology, acupuncture and osteopathy to align our body, mind and spirit. However, there is another aspect of health & wellness that is often forgotten: the wellbeing in our external landscape – if our home environment is out of balance, our health & wellbeing can be seriously impacted.

The Interior Temple weaves ancient and modern philosophies and applications together such as biophilia, feng shui, psychology, Japanese lifestyle principles, Vedic architecture, conscious and sustainable slow living & the healing arts to provide a HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN service. 

My passion and life’s journey has always been around creating beautiful spaces. Whether I’m at home or travelling the world, I naturally seek the beauty in my surroundings, that which nurtures my body, soul and spirit.

The sacred spaces.

The Interior Temple concept was born from my long lived love affair exploring and working in India. The ancient Indian Temples were designed using sacred geometry and feminine architecture principles to energise, align and restore peace within the self. They are considered both a tool and an invitation to communion with the divine. 

HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN is a response to these ancient whispers calling us back home to ourselves. It is to me an intuitive and considered process with a deep tending to the human psyche and its need for harmony with nature.

  • Learn exactly what to add to your home to forever ditch that “something’s missing” feeling

  • Get in tune with what makes your home tick and how that function is imperative for your complete well-being

  • Understand why you gravitate towards or away from certain design elements and why it’s important to listen to those “gut” reactions

  • Design elements you’ve been dreaming of but didn’t know how to incorporate.

  • Learn how to prioritize what’s most important when planning/decorating your home, and what’s NOT

  • Get personal motivation to make needed home changes that will create positive experiences and memories for you, your family and guests

  • Powerful insight into your personality and how to make your home support your needs, goals and dreams

  • Cohesiveness and flow to your entire home

  • A designer who cares about you and your lifestyle – and knows how to enhance the best of it

  • Finish with a stunningly beautiful, empowering space crafted mindfully, just for you

  • Here’s what you DON’T get:

  • A generic, cookie cutter design

  • An impersonal designer looking to check another project off her list

  • A pretty, but “cold” home

  • Decor you’ll want to redo again in ten years

I’m looking for a design concept that will guide me to create my own holistic home.”


“I’m considering moving to a new home and I want to know what features I should prioritize during my search.”

DIY Holistic Design


every project begins with an exploration of your values, family legacy, and how you want your home to feel every day. From exploring your uniqueness to identifying your favorite memories, we ensure that your home’s design is beautifully crafted to support your family’s wellness.

DIY Holistic Design includes:

  • In-depth design sessions including specific exercises designed to uncover your cherished memories of favorite places

  • Design presentation for your DIY project

  • Custom Color Story for your entire home (overview, not room specific)

  • List of comprehensive recommendations for your home addressing mood and feel, layout, architecture, furnishings, and decoration

  • Conceptual Mood Board tangibly showing the “feel” you want for your home

  • Recommended Service/Retail shopping locations as needed

  • The confidence and focus to make decisive design decisions for your home

“I want a holistic design plan I can follow myself, with furnishings & finishes selected for me.”


“I have my own contractors, and will implement my project in stages over time. I need a complete design plan I can use to help me prioritize the work.”

Premium Holistic Design

Holistic interior design starts with discovering your values, family legacy, and how you want your home to feel every day. From exploring your favorite memories to identifying your future goals, we ensure that your room design is beautifully crafted to support your wellness emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Premium Holistic Design includes everything in the DIY package, plus:

  • Accurate measurements of the room of your choice

  • Detailed Floor Plan to scale

  • Complete design plan with specifically curated Furnishings, Lighting, Window Treatments, Etc.

  • Swatches and Finish Samples as needed

  • Furniture Sourcing Plan with retail and/or trade vendors

  • Trade recommendations for service contractors (if local)

  • Comprehensive budget to complete your space

“I want a complete design plan, project management & my own TV-worthy Reveal Day.”


“I’m building a new home or renovating my existing home and need full-service design help and management of all project aspects.”

Full-Service Holistic Design

You want a home that is beautifully crafted to support your family’s wellness emotionally, physically, and spiritually — and you don’t want to lift a finger.

Once we’ve collaborated on the design direction, we’ll coordinate everything for you (managing contractors, product ordering, installation, and more) via 3 comprehensive and stress-free project phases:

1. Discovery & Design

2. Procurement & Build

3. Installation & Reveal

Holistic Interior Design ​for your home

Interior Design is the co-ordination of decorative elements of the interior of a room, apartment, house, office or other structural space, including colour schemes, fittings, furnishings and/or architectural features.


HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN goes beyond these elements. Not only does it take into account the flow and aesthetics, it also offers solutions for your space to enhance your health, wellbeing and relationships. For instance, assessing your kitchen environment to support your food journey, your bedroom to support your relationship, or your wardrobe to support your expression. It also assesses overall health of the home - mould, EMF’s (electro magnetic frequency) etc and how to rectify, eliminate or reduce the effects that these toxins have on us adversely. It really is a healing service for the home.

It offers solutions and applications to provide you with  

  • functional, harmonious and aesthetically balanced spaces

  • alignment to the buildings architecture and your lifestyle needs

  • support for your health and wellbeing, and 

  • to elevate your experience both in the space and your life

  • Initial 1:1 consultations to personally get to know you, your brand and the desired energetic outcomes of the space

  • Planning of spacial intentions and use of six senses - sight, smell, sensual, hearing, taste and metaphysical source energy

  • Budget estimations and outline of construction timelines

  • Spatial planning of construction works to create flow, energetic balance and feng shui whilst adhering to BCA regulations​

  • Sourcing of earthy, natural & sustainable fixtures and finishes such as tiles, taps, floorboards, windows, doors, hardware and lighting. Wherever applicable we will source from small makers and suppliers that handmake pieces with intentions

  • Finalised construction drawings including elevations, sections, detailed joinery, plumbing, electrical and overall floor plans

  • Curation of sample boards to reveal how the colours, textures and shapes all work together to harmonise the space

  • Virtual model rendering and images to conceptualise the space three-dimensionally​​

  • Moodboards and final selections of proposed natural and earthy furniture & decor pieces that align to the brand image and feel of the space

  • Additional marketing and brand development with graphics, website & visual merchandising design if desired

  • Sourcing, styling and installation of furniture, decor, plants and crystal pieces to create flow, harmony and high vibrations in the space

  • Intuitive energy clearing, crystal gridding and reiki in the finalised space to bring forth protection, abundance & source energy whilst working with higher dimensional spirits

  • 1:1 styling day with an industry photographer for promotion of the brand and potential publicity in magazines, blogs and local newspapers​

  • Special discounts with suppliers and ordering of pieces wherever applicable with design fees & complete fit out costs tax deductable as a business expense​

  • Interstate travel and remote online design options also available