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Sally Josephine Designs offers tailored interior decorating and styling services meticulously crafted to meet your individual needs. My approach recognises the distinctiveness of each project, and I pride myself on delivering a personalised experience.


I understand that no two projects are alike, and as such, my services are fully customisable to align with the specific requirements of your project. Whether you seek a comprehensive design solution encompassing the entire spectrum of offerings detailed below or select specific services based on your unique needs, my commitment to excellence remains unwavering.


Collaborating closely with both you and your chosen trades, I am dedicated to ensuring the functionality and aesthetic coherence of your home. My objective extends beyond the creation of a practical and visually appealing environment; I aspire to curate a home that embodies happiness, healthiness, and overall well-being, thereby fostering a harmonious living experience.


  • Initial Design Consultation

  • Conceptual design

  • Interior & exterior colour consulting - Paint and wallpaper selections

  • Flooring selections - Tiles, timber, carpet, area rugs.

  • Spatial planning & furniture placement

  • Fixtures, Fittings & Materials selections  & detailed schedules.

  • Window treatments

  • Custom furniture

  • Soft furnishings

  • Lighting selection

  • Art curation and placement

  • Furniture & accessories selection & procurement, with detailed specification list.

  • Installation & delivery

  • Interior styling

  • Additional holistic design service available (crystals, plants, aromatherapy, feng shui etc...) 

All Sally Josephine Designs services start with a complimentary discovery call. Once we have mutually agreed to move to the next phase in the process, we can schedule a date and time for your Initial design consultation. See below for Sally Josephine Design's process, which is completely customisable based on your individual situation.

Start your design journey with me by booking in a discovery call.

Initial consultation investment cost



(This will differ slightly depending on which service you chose)



  • 20 - 30 minutes

  • Discussion / general overview of your project.

  • Timeline

  • Budget

  • I will run you through my design process and how I work.

  • You can ask any additional questions.

  • If we feel we are a good fit for each other we can book in a time for the Initial Consultation.

  • You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out prior to the consultation.

  • The fee for the consultation will need to be paid at least 24hrs before the booked date.



  • Preferably in person, as we can go through everything in detail.

  • The documents details the scope of work for the entire project, my design intent and goals, the estimated design fee, the payment terms, the estimated timeline, and the terms and conditions.

  • The Fee Estimate Proposal And Agreement is approved and initial advance on my design fee received to signal the start of the project.

  • 50% deposit of my design fee will need to paid prior to me commencing any design work & the remaining 50% before the design concept proposal meeting.

  • Once initial payment has been made, you will receive your client welcome pack.



  • The beginning of the design work.

  • This is where I start articulating the design vision.

  • We will refine the project overview, goals, objectives & scope.

  • I will bring a vast assortment of samples from my materials library so we can start to put together a design scheme.

  • The creation of initial design concepts.

  • We will have a concept meeting to walk you through the plan, clarify the style and confirm the brief.

  • You are encouraged to provide any feedback, ask questions and raise any concerns you may have.



  • I will provided detailed plans of each space.

  • There will be extensive sourcing / specifying of products.

  • Taking into account the approved concept plans, your budget and  needs.

  • You will be emailed a link  to sign into an online portal.

  • This will be where we will be doing a lot of our communication.

  • We will share consolidated project information, live schedules, floorplans and specifications.

  • You will have access to the product list / scedules and moodboards,  where you can review & approve the selections and write notes for review.

  • I will make colour/material selections and I will then source all furniture, fixtures and soft furnishings for your approval.

  • FF&E scedules, painting scedules and material selections for each space will also be provided for your refrence and a copy for the appropriate trades,

  • Once all items are approved by you, we can then move to the next stage of ordering and sourcing.



  • Site visits to check on progress, clarify project goals and requirements with all relevant parties.

  • Collaborate closely with trades & architects to ensure harmonious integration of design elements & to address any challenges.

  • Finalising last minute decisions & discrepancies

  • Final Sign off and approval of the completed design aspects of the project.


Please note I do not project manage trades, however I am happy to work along side them if they need any clarification on my designs. This is when all trade works will be complete (if applicable).



  • Once all the furniture is in place and most of the accessories, I will put another list together of smaller decor items that I feel need to be purchased to finish off the rooms.

  • This will be things like trays, ornaments, candles etc.

  • After a quick approval on your end, i will go away and purchase the remaining items.

  • I usually source these last minute items locally, so that if there is something that you do not like, it can easily be returned.

  • These items are accounted for in the agreed budget set at the beginning.

  • I will return to finalise the styling for the last time





  • Onsite initial 2 hour consultation

  • The consultation is a very important first step.

  • We will discuss your vision, goals, needs, lifestyle,  budget & time frame for your design project.

  • I will take a house tour & ask for your ideas and plans for each room.

  • I will take notes as we go, photographs for reference, measure the spaces if required and make preliminary suggestions or observations.

  • This will help determine project scope, timeline, budget and assess feasibility. 

  • You will be provided with posible ideas and guidance for your project, the next steps and an overview of what you can expect during the design process.

    • How I handle the design and research.

    • How I manage the products through to installation.

    • How I communicate during the design process.

    • I will go away and prepare the fee proposal for you

    • The fee proposal will be ready within 24 - 48 hours.

    • We can then organise a meeting to go through the fee proposal and design agreement together.



  • A thorough site assessment is imperative to a successful outcome.

  • I will carefully assess and document the conditions of the existing space.

  • I will take accurate measurements and photographs for reference.

  • I will go through room by room and carefully & accurately take down all necessary and important information.



  • We will have another meeting where I will present the design proposal.

  • I will present the design concepts, highlighting key elements, design principles and the rationale behind the proposed solutions.

  • This will include floor plans and furniture placement, mood boards, material, finish & concept boards, cost estimate and time frame for further development.

  • I will address any questions you may have, feedback & concerns.

  • We will also have the opportunity to discuss any revisions if needed.

  • Once I have received your approval for the final design concept, we can then move on to the next stages of specifying, sourcing & ordering.



  • Once everything is approved by you via the online design portal, between myself and your trades, we can start the purchasing process.

  • Products that you have agreed to order through me, I will then go to my trusted suppliers and get invoices from them.

  • This part of the interior design process can take a few days.

  • This is because some projects, there could be 20 different suppliers or more, that I am acquiring products from.

  • Most products I will specify through my trade suppliers, not retailers. This will get you better pricing, because I receive trade discounts from my suppliers, which I share with you.

  • I will collate all of the supplier invoices and then prepare one invoice for you to pay me.

  • Once I have received your payment, I will lock in all orders with my suppliers and organise deliveries of the products to your home.

  • Larger items like furniture can be delivered to your home. This will also depend on how far along in the construction phase we are in. I will organise for large items to be placed on hold at suppliers or help organise another holding facility if needed.

  • Smaller items and accessories will be delivered to Sally Josephine Designs until install and styling day.



  • Yessss! Install Day has arrived.

  • This is where I come to your home and put all the furniture in its place, as per the layout we provided in the concept documents.

  • I will organise all relevant professionals / trades to finish off your project.

    • Handyman

    • Artwork Installer

    • Electrician

    • Audiovisual Technician

    • Window Treatment Installer

    • Cleaner if needed

  • Some items may arrive at different stages due to stock availability or delays and some larger pieces of furniture might already be unpacked already.

  • I will still be there to unpack everything else and move it into its place.

  • The installation day may be spread out over a few days due to availability of the trades.



  • We will have an onsite meeting in your beautiful finished space.

  • I will give you a final run through and present you with Your Handover Pack.

    • Handover Checklist

    • Project Contacts

    • Final Plans

    • Instruction Manuals

    • Warranties

    • Finishes Schedule

    • Maintenance Schedule

  • I take care of any little issues, defects and damage, and end the project with all elements fully completed.

  • Once complete, I will organise a photographer to take some photos.

  • This usually happens on handover day but we can also arrange a different date if this does not suit.

  • That's a wrap!

  • Now that all the hard work is complete you get to enjoy your beautiful new space for years to come!

This will differ slightly depending on which service you chose)

  • Discovery Call

  • Initial Design Consultation

  • Fee proposal and detailed scope of work

  • Welcome Pack

  • Digital concept and selection boards

  • 1 x Revision

  • Spatial planning to scale, with furniture layout

  • Site & supplier visits

  • Detailed Fixture, Fittings & Equipment schedules if applicable

  • Painting schedules

  • Client portal access

  • Furniture and styling list

  • Trade discounts where applicable

  • Ordering & procurement 

  • Direct communication with builder /trades to oversee any
    questions about the design.

  • Interior Styling / Final Install

  • Email & phone support

  • SJD sample box (tiles, flooring, fabric etc.)

  • Handover Pack

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